Overdraft Options

Foothills Credit Union offers numerous overdraft options to protect you from overdrawing your checking account and overdraft fees. Never bounce a check again and insure yourself funds in case of an unexpected expense.

  • Automatic Transfers
    This option enables funds to be transferred directly from any other account you have with Foothills CU to cover charges on an as needed basis. There are no overdraft fees for this options. Contact the credit union to set up this option.
  • Overdraft Line-of-Credit
    This is an unsecured loan that protects your checking account against overdrafts, and you only pay interest on the amount you use. If your checking account is overdrawn, funds are automatically transferred from your overdraft line-of-credit to your checking account to cover the expense, up to your approved credit. Apply Today
  • Courtesy Pay
    Permits you to overdraw your checking account up to $500 (including fees), you will be assessed a $29 fee per item that clears your account. Courtesy Pay can be revoked at any time at the discretion of the Credit Union.
Courtesy Pay has a maximum limit of $500.00. Members cannot remain overdrawn for more than 45 days. On the 46th day the credit union will begin collection procedures. Members will be alerted of fees charged for covering overdrafts. For more information about Courtesy Pay and to opt-in to this product please contact the credit union.