Complete Spectrum Financial Services

Give Your Old 401(k) or IRA a BOOOOST!

Roll over today for a 10% BONUS!

Want to give your old 401(k) or IRA a boost with a 11.38% guaranteed first year yield* and protect it in a stable place? If so contact Kevin Coffey from Complete Spectrum Financial Services at 303-922-4309.

*This yield assumes that 100% of premium is allocated to fixed value at 1.25% plus 10% premium bonus for issue ages between 0 – 80, 1st year only. Assumes no withdrawals. Surrender charges apply to withdrawals in excess of penalty-free amount and early surrenders. Caps and asset fee rates may also apply. If applicable, LIBR fees will reduce contract value. Yield in subsequent years may change. Guarantees based on financial strength and claim paying ability of company.