VISA Credit Card

Foothills Credit Union offers a VISA credit card that will beat the competition. You will have worldwide purchasing power plus the means to access cash through an extensive CO-OP ATM network. Pick up an application or apply online today and start building up your credit, pay off your higher rate cards, or use it as an emergency line of credit!
  • Fixed 10.99% APR (Rates)
  • No monthly/annual fee
  • Balance transfers
  • Same rate for purchases & cash back transactions (this rate is usually twice as much)
  • Emergency credit line extensions
  • Secured credit card options (help build your credit)
For more information regarding our VISA® Credit Card please contact the credit union at or 720-962-8200.
To report a lost or stolen VISA® Credit Card please call:
720-962-8200 during normal business hours, 1-888-241-2510 after business hours, or 1-909-941-1398 if out of country.